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Hey there!


Idea machine. Relentlessly curious. Big-picture problem solver.

I've been told that I have a nice balance of Left Brain and Right Brain skills. I'm a natural communicator with a strong intuition, imagination, and love working with creative teams. I also want to understand the system and it's parts in order to find efficiencies and improve experiences.


I cut my teeth as a copywriter in the boom of social media marketing. Over the last ten years I've developed a strong customer-centric approach to brand building, story telling, and digital marketing. It's all about the relationship you create with your communities. I believe empathy for your customer builds a strong brand and using analytics to create value-oriented experiences turns those customers into brand evangelists.


Creative Direction. Copywriting. Brand Development. Community Building. Social Marketing Strategy. User Experience Design. Customer Experience Strategy. 


Adobe CS. Wordpress. Mailchimp. Figma. MS Office. Google Suite. 


Email -

Tel - 616.340.4876

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