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Kindling Digital Campaign

Brand Development
Creative Direction
Paid Digital Strategy

Kindling Golden Ale has been positioned as the "spokes-beer" for Odell Brewing's Charitable Giving program, Odell Gives 1%. This product launch was an interesting challenge, as it had many layers of messaging between the beer, the mission, and partners the donations benefited. We chose to use this campaign as an opportunity to showcase our our non profit partners and their work.

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Strategy: The objective was to share the impact that the non profits make and inspire viewers to watch more and get involved. I laid out a content strategy for our creative agency to work within.

  • Four 60 to 90 second live action video clips to share on Instagram TV

  • Create an emotional hook within the first 11 seconds to maximize Instagram's in-feed preroll for IG TV

  • Additional 30 second cuts of each video for paid placement on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube​


Results: 27% video completion rate across Instagram & Facebook.

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